We are so happy you are here. Here at The Oily Squad we have so many awesome resources for the people on our team. We have tons of zoom classes, events, mentorships, and more. We will make sure to always keep you up to date on what’s happening here each month. You can take a look below to see what this month’s promo’s and classes are!


happy may!

Join us every Wednesday night at 8pm central for another virtual zoom class. During these classes, we go more in depth on how you can use your Young Living products. We cover all different topics such as products for energy, pregnancy, memory, wellness, hormones, emotions, and more. These classes are highly educational and so much fun.

All Things Young Living

Join us every Monday night at 8pm CT for our virtual zoom class! We go over all the basics of getting started with Young Living. We will walk you through the different Starter Kit’s and explain in detail how to use each of the oils + products included. Each Monday we share DIY’s, beginner’s tips, roller recipes, and more! We also do a giveaway of one of my favorite products each week. You can also feel free to invite friends who aren’t yet in Young Living. If they decide to purchase a starter kit through you, Young Living will send you a $50 thank you check! 


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