The Oily Squad May Promos!

Happy May!!!

We are so thankful that you are apart of The Oily Squad! We have 2200 members now and we are so thrilled that you are one of them! We have some amazing promo’s happening this month so we wanted to make sure that you were in the loop. There are so many different giveaways, free products, and special promotions that they are going to make your jaw drop.

Let’s start first with the Oily Squad Exclusive Promotions!



The famous Rose Oil is the most expensive oil Young Living has to offer. It’s valued at over $200 a bottle and is amazing for skin health, emotional support, hormone support and SO MUCH MORE! Just google “uses for rose oil” and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Last month we did a one day incentive for a free rose oil roller for the first ten people who enrolled in Essential Rewards and processed their order. People loved the roller so much that we have decided to do it again. This time it’s the first FIFTY people who enroll in Essential Rewards. To qualify simply enroll in Essential Rewards for the first time and process your order! Ask your sponsor if you need help. Remember that you can cancel at anytime so there is no pressure. Make sure to check out the monthly promos below before you process to make sure you reach the TIERS that interest you. You are going to LOVE getting points back, cheaper shipping, and all the amazing freebies!

Once completed fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/tqiOIPPlhDyR8zpG3


Have you seen the Rainstone Diffuser yet?! Believe it or not, this is my favorite diffuser that Young Living has to offer! It is the only diffuser that lasts all night. It runs for 8 hours and is super calming. It’s a beautifully crafted diffuser that is retailed at over $220 and you have the chance to win it for FREE!!

To be entered into this giveaway all you need to do is enroll ONE person with a premium starter kit in the month of May! It can be a friend, family member, or complete stranger! Getting an enrollment is simple. As your fall in love with your products, you will naturally start sharing about them with others! When you find someone who wants their own kit, have them sign up on the Young Living website and enter your member # as their enroller and sponsor! Ask your sponsor for your short link to make it even more simple. Young Living rewards you with a $50 sign up bonus for each person you refer!

Fill out this form when you get your first enrollment! I will announce the winner June 1st!


$10 CREDITS for NEW enrollments!

I have a HUGE announcement! This month I will be giving a $10 credit personally to the first 200 new members who join our team with a Premium Starter Kit! I believe in these oils so much that I want them in the hands of EVERY PERSON!

I will keep track of the new enrollments and send an email every 24 hours to Young Living with the new member’s information! The credits should be added within a few days of sign up.

This means its time to start sharing with friends and family! Your job as the enroller is SUPER important! Seeing as though you were the person who introduced them to Young Living in the beginning, you should be the person who walks every step of this journey with them! Make sure to unbox the kit with each new member you enroll. Share with them how to use each oil in the kit. Walk them through how to login and place an order to redeem their credit! Share with them the benefits of Essential Rewards and the fabulous May Promos that go along with them. Take the time to find out their specific needs and research what Young Living products would work the best for them. If you aren’t sure how to answer a question, get your sponsor on the phone and figure it out together!

Last month our team enrolled close to 350 people so I am pretty sure these spots are going to fly! Go share with the world and get paid to do so.


Young Living is spoiling us BIG time this month with the amazing May Promos (see below)!! I love the fact that we get 10-25% BACK in points, cheaper shipping, and all the FREE products when we are enrolled in Essential Rewards!

We have decided to have some fun with it this month! We are going to be giving away some AMAZING products to those who qualify for the 340 ER promo. Every Monday of this month we will pick ONE winner who has placed their order and announce them in the Oily Squad! The giveaways each range in price from $100-$300 so you will not want to miss it! I will be personally giving away my FAVORITE products.

To enter simply place your 340 ER order and fill out this form! https://goo.gl/forms/DdoM9kyizKi0Crbv1


Lets talk real quick about the promo’s that Young Living is offering to EVERYBODY on EVERY TEAM!

The more you spend, the more you get for free! We will be going over the benefits of these amazing free products in our group The Oily Squad! Ask your enroller to add you if you aren’t already in our group!

Last, but certainly not least… Young Living is giving away a free 15ML Tangerine to every new member who enrolls with a premium starter kit! This means that each new member gets an extra free oil PLUS a $10 credit from me. This is seriously the month to join and to share with others!

I hope that everyone has the BEST MONTH EVER!! I am so thankful for each and every one of you!


Christie Rose (Platinum Leader)

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