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Hey friends!!

I can’t believe it is already December! I am so excited for this month and all it has to offer. I hope each and every one of you have an amazing month. I am so thankful for you! I wanted to share about this month’s promos and classes!

First up, Young Living PROMOS!! Each time you place an order you have the chance to get ALL of this for FREE depending on how much you spend! If you place an Essential Rewards order you also get 10-25% back in points to use towards free products!


Young Living is at it again you Guys. These December Promos are OFF the HOOK. YL is aways so giving and knows exactly what we need to have a physically and emotionally healthy month! Want to learn more about why I am getting the December promos twice? READ on!! 📚
🍂Nutmeg Vitality 5 ml: Adrenal Support Powerhouse! Around the holidays our adrenals can get taxed with later evenings and added stress; place a drop under your tongue or swap a drop in the inside of your cheek and thank me later. This will give you some added energy for the day too. Also supports the production of melatonin – the hormone of SLEEP!! Good sleep = a supported immune system!!

🌲Northern Lights Black Spruce 5 ml: Did you know the ENTIRE tree is in this bottle- from needle to root?! And the oil in this bottle comes from trees that sit under the magical Northern Lights at our farm in Fort Nelson. Traditionally, Black Spruce trees have been believed to possess the frequency of prosperity! (Yes, please! I will take a gallon.) This oil is a big emotional oil – used to release emotional blocks and brings feelings of balance and grounding. This oil has the capacity to make you feel grounded and elevated at the same time. It’s aroma is perfect for the season, add some drops to your diffuser ornament from last month or to your diffuser and enjoy the gorgeous wintery aroma.

🍋 Lemon 15 ml: Energy boost wanted? Diffuse lemon! It’ll kick ya into gear and make you smile. Emotionally helps open you & increase focus. It’s high in d-limonene (go Google what that does) so it’s the perfect immune system support for the season! (It does come in a vitality label for that system support.) A drop in honey or warm tea does wonders for the throat & chest this time of year! Need to get things clean? Lemon oil will take any sharpie/marker stain right out! We love to diffuse this first thing in the morning because it just gets us up and active and going – all citrus oils are mood supporters – so start your day out right with some Lemon oil.

🚽 Life 9: Oh I am so excited about this supplement for FREE! This high potency probiotic supports the digesting system. Did you know your bowels are the command center of the immune system? (Yes I just said bowels.) 😂👊 And for the bowels to function like a PRO, probiotics are needed for every intestinal function. YEP! So we gotta support that gut health! Added sugar and stress from the holidays and just the daily grind of life, and well, let’s be honest, not everyone makes the best meal choices 100% of the time, can lead to an unhappy gut. Life 9 contains 9 active strains of GOOD bacteria in a delayed-release capsule with 17 billion active cultures. I love to take this supplement at night when my gut and body does its repairing while I sleep. Easy to use for kids by opening the capsule up and adding to yogurt or apple sauce!

👑 Sacred Frankincense 15ml: HOLLA!!! People, if you thought last month was amazing with free Frankincense, this month just got EVEN better because when you go Sacred Frank, you never go back. Sacred Frank is regarded as one of the rarest and most sought-after aromatics in existence. 😍 Friends, Young Living’s Sacred Frank is the first Omani Frankincense to be available to those outside of the Saudi royals and the privileged Oman. 😱😱 So why is this oil so sought after? Well, it is amazing for the skin, it is calming, and wonderful for sleep. It is relaxing and meditative. It promotes higher states of spiritual awareness and higher levels of consciousness. And maybe check out some resources like pubmed’s website and do a little research to learn a bit more about why this oil is literally “Sacred.



I am giving away ONE diffuser of YOUR choice to the person who wins! You can choose from any of the diffusers that Young Living offers including the Aria, Rainstone, and Desert Mist!

All you need to do to be entered into this giveaway is enroll ONE person in December with a Premium Starter Kit! You can collect more entires for each additional person you enroll. You get an additional entry if they enroll in ER during sign up!

Need your share link? Create one here:https://hlweo.com/sign-link-generator/

After you get an enrollment (YL will email you when some enrolls with you) come back here and fill out this google form! The winner will be announced Jan 1st!

Fill out the Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/bqSDrJOwfO9ErS1j2 

We have a HUGE giveaway happening this month! We are giving away the Select 30 Oils Collection valued at over $500!!

Featuring some of Young Living’s most popular essential oils, the Select 30™ Oil Collection is an extensive collection you’ll love to have on hand. The collection includes 30 5-ml bottles—15 singles and 15 blends—all stored in a sturdy carrying case so you can easily transport your favorite essential oils wherever you go. The collection also comes with a set of bottle labels to help you quickly and easily identify your oils. This comprehensive set is an excellent way to replenish some of your favorites and discover new must-have oils. Plus, it makes sharing easy and accessible and acts as a robust business-building tool. Grab your own Select 30 Oil Collection and see all the ways you can infuse your life!

The Select 30 Oil Collection includes:

15 Essential Oil Singles (5-ml): Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark Vitality™, Clove Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Eucalyptus Globulus, Frankincense Vitality, Grapefruit Vitality, Lavender Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Lemongrass Vitality, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Orange Vitality, Oregano Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Tea Tree

15 Essential Oil Blends (5-ml): Abundance™, AromaEase™, Citrus Fresh™ Vitality, Deep Relief™, DiGize™ Vitality, EndoFlex™ Vitality, En-R-Gee™, ImmuPower™, Melrose™, PanAway®, Purification®, R.C.™, Sacred Mountain™, Stress Away™, Thieves® Vitality
Essential Oil Bottle Labels (1 set)

30-Oil Carrying Case

What do you need to do to enter? Simply place an Essential Rewards order of at least 100pv in December!

Our amazing Essential Rewards program is a monthly wellness box that is completely customizable. You get 10-25% back in points, cheaper shipping, and tons of FREE products. You can start or stop at anytime and there are no hidden rules!

I recommend trying our non toxic cleaning supplies, laundry soap, supplements, Ningxia Red (hello ENERGY), kids products, shampoo, make up, and more! You will be SHOCKED at how much these products make a difference for you and your family.

Last up, lets talk CLASSES!! We know how important it is to feel educated about your Young Living products! We have multiple facebook classes happening this month! Just click the links below and click going to attend!

Dec 3 – Holidays with Young Living: https://www.facebook.com/events/547348262284012/

Dec 4 – Let’s Talk Make-Up: https://www.facebook.com/events/159148108026431/

Dec 13 – Essential Rewards with Young Living: https://www.facebook.com/events/305045820009921/

Dec 17 – Beyond the Kit: https://www.facebook.com/events/146030716046261/

Dec 21 – Young Living Supplements: https://www.facebook.com/events/128967644463593/

Email theoilysquad@gmail.com if you have any questions! We love you!

-Christie Rose

Diamond Leader and Founder of The Oily Squad

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