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Welcome everyone!! This is going to be a fun class and an important one! We get questions over and over about how to safely use oils on the kiddos. So this will hopefully be a starting point to get you feeling educated and empowered to start oiling up those kids!
Getting back to school can create a bit of chaos in your home and a lot of emotions. We want to help you and your little ones get prepared and oil ready!!
A lot of this information was created in our KIDS class! If you attended, this is going to be a great recap of that information as well as some new info for all of you! Here is the link to our book that’s ALL about kids for you!


Before we start, I want to be sure and start with the FDA disclaimer!
Also, as a mama, be sure to do your research before using oils on your kids! IF your kids are below age two, be sure to check to make sure the oils are safe for your youngins.


We are going to dive in with the “How To”! There are two ways to use oils with children:
When oils are applied to the skin, they can be found in every single cell of your body within twenty minutes. They act quickly and powerfully. Your skin is an organ and applying oils to the skin allows for your body to absorb them and take them in. So how do you do that? Place drops of oils into a bowl, in a roller, or in your hand and add your carrier oil. Always dilute when applying oils on infants and children. When beginning topical use, it can be wise to start slowly on the bottoms of the feet and gradually test on other areas for sensitivity. The feet and chest, and back of the neck are the most common places we use oils on kids!
Mama Tips for Topical Application:
+When starting with oils, use one at a time always diluted to avoid overloading their system. Slowly start to add in oils as they adjust.
+Be aware of “Hot” oils such as Peppermint, Panaway, Thieves and Oregano. Hot oils feel icy/hot to the touch. This can cause irritation on the skin and these oils should always be avoided around the eyes. Be sure to not rub the eyes or around the eyes after applying hot oils. We always suggest diluting hot oils no matter the age.
2. Aromatic
Inhaling: Breathing in essential oils directly influences the control center of the brain, the hypothalamus. This area sends instructions through our body concerning sleep patterns, mood, behavior, appetite, and the release of certain hormones.
Diffusing: This is an excellent method for purifying the air, boosting mood, and creating a healthy atmosphere. Follow the direction accompanying your diffuser, and always watch for the water line since an over-full diffuser may malfunction!


So how exactly do you “dilute” oils? Diluting is “watering down” the potency of essential oils which is key for kids. These are the suggested dilution ratios straight from Young Living!
But first let’s talk about what you can use to dilute those oils! These are our top two carrier oils for dilution. For more options, be sure to check out our kid’s book online!
+First up…Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil comes from the flesh of the coconut and can be very nourishing to the skin. If you as a mom can use coconut oil without breakouts or dashing that may occur in some people (it has a tendency to clog pores) then feel free to use some as your carrier oil.
+Next…Young Living’s V6:
This blend is super handy because it comes with a pump. You can set it next to your oils to create an “oils station” and be ready to go any moment. V6 contains coconut, sesame, grape, sweet almond, wheat germ, sunflower and olive oils.
Mama Tips for Dilution:
+Using carrier oils and lotions is also a great way to extend the use of your bottles! It’s great when you’re on a “mama” budget!
+“Using oils neat or undiluted will create a tendency for the oil to evaporate more quickly. Using a carrier oil or lotion may also create a more sustained effect and reduce possible over-sensitivities especially in this age group.”
-Quotes from Debra Rayburn, Gentle Babies


+Toddler and Kiddos! Two – Six years old
Young Living suggests ¼ the labeled concentration for children ages 2-6.
+Kids ages 7-11
Young Living suggests ½ the labeled concentration for this age range.
This is a great age for kids to start using their own blends. Mix up their favorite oil for school or the oils that you use on them daily in a roller bottle and send them on their way. Be sure to teach them oil safety and to apply oils to the feet first and always diluted.
+Kids ages 12+
Young Living suggests full labeled concentration for kids ages 12+.
If you have been concerned about sensitive skin and essential oils, here is some info…
“Sensitivities to YL’s essential oils are seen very rarely. Typically, if sensitivities occur, the cause is either that a different brand of chemically adulterated oils were use or because they were used in excess which simply overloaded the system.” -Debra Rayburn




How to Use your Premium Starter Kit oils for your kids!
We want you to get the most use of every single oil and every single investment you make into your bottles! So here is a great starting point for ideas on how to use each of your PSK oils!
I literally use Lavender, Lemon, and Thieves!!! And I know that they will continue to be my most used oils! All of the Starter Kit oils truly are the perfect start when you’re using them for your kids, your family or yourself!
This is a great support for sleep the night before and even throughout the year! If there are butterflies for your kiddos especially before bed, diffusing and applying to the feet is a great option! Here are a few more:
+Roll onto feet after school for calming
+Roll onto the chest when pollen count is high and you’re battling allergens. Also diffuse.
+Use generously on the skin after touching something hot
+Use generously on bug bites
+Use generously on itchy skin
+Roll onto the back and drop into bath water when experiencing constipation
This is a “cleansing” or “clearing” oil which can be helpful for the respiratory but also for the emotions. Roll this one onto the feet and diffuse for nervousness.
+Use to remove gum or sticky residue
+Add to a blend with Lavender when pollen count is high and battling allergens.
+Add onto the chest and diffuse during the winter months to support the respiratory system.
This is a very “grounding” oil. Grounding oils are calming and bring down thoughts and emotions. Frank is another one that’s great for back to school nerves.
+Roll onto back of neck when hyper, experiencing nervousness, or tantrums
+Roll onto the feet during winter months to support immunity
+Diffuse while studying to support concentration
This is the oil for a big ‘ol immunity support! You can use this proactively before you start the school day.
+Roll onto feet during the winter months
+Diffuse in group settings while kids have stuffy noses.
+If you run out of waterless hand soap, drop a few drops of thieves onto hands
+Drop into stinky shoes
+Diffuse in mildewy bathrooms
This is a great oil for all the pains. Those little legs have lots of growing to do! When they are experiencing growing pains, this is one to grab!! If you have football players, volleyball girls, any of the athletes are going to love using this one after games as well.
+Roll onto sore muscles
+Use after strenuous activity
+Roll onto growing kiddos
+Use on the back of the neck when experiencing head tension
The tummy oil! If your little ones have upset tummies after an afternoon lunch at the cafeteria, this one is their friend. Roll onto the tummy or feet for any and every tummy issue!
This is an overall great oil and it’s kind of sneaky because it gets lost in the mix of oils!!! It’s great to support immunity overall and is the perfect oil for “irritations”. If there’s any type of inflammation that you’re experiencing this is a great one to grab.
+Apply to location of irritation for a “numbing” effect.
This is the oil for all the smells. If you have stinky athletes coming into your home, or stinky feet, grab this one! Drop into shoes to clean them up! Drop into the washing machine when washing harsh smelling loads. Diffuse in smelly areas!
+Use generously on bug bites
+Roll onto areas of blemishes on the skin
This is the oil to support the respiratory system during the winter months.
+Diffuse to support the respiratory system
+Rub onto the chest to support the respiratory system



KIDSCENTS oils!!! Specifically created and pre-diluted for kids! (Every mama said amen)
These oils help kids stay on task, soothes sensitive skin, supports healthy skin, calms the body, uplifts the senses, and relaxes the mind and body.
If you’re not sure where to start, grab the kidscents oils! Their names alone help you to understand how to use each one!



KIDSCENTS line of products!!
I have loooooved using the kidscents line for my little guy. Every mama doesn’t have to worry about what is going onto that sweet, sensitive skin and being absorbed into that little body! We have used every single one of these bottles. Anytime they come in stock, be sure to stock your house up because they go out of stock quickly as well!!! Mainly because when it comes to products that are gentle and safe for the kids, it’s so hard to find something. And everyone loves these!



KIDSCENTS Multivitamins!!
I’m so super glad they have this option for us mamas! After reading article after article in the last few years about what is in vitamins, how they don’t work, how toxins from them can be stored in the body and on and on and on…I was so glad that YL had something for us.
Hudson is two and I give him one tablet. The suggested serving is 3 for 6 years old and up. Definitely ask your doctor what they suggest for usage. You can even bring the bottle in.
If your little one has ANY digestive issues at all, I highly suggest starting them out on the mightyzymes! Enzymes are so crucial to the digestive process and can help in many ways with little tummies!



Super small, perfect for backpacks! It’s non toxic and having it around little ones means a worry free mama! I don’t know if you have read any warnings on the common household hand sanitizer but it can be extremely dangerous if little ones get their hands on it and ingest. THIS is why I keep the Thieves Waterless Hand Cleaner around instead!
Convenient, portable, and long lasting, Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier is enhanced with natural Peppermint oil to cleanse and purify hands.
Also contains:


This is great to add into the kid’s routine in the morning ESPECIALLY because our diets are lacking in so many nutrients!! I rely on this awesome drink to fill in the gaps for my son!
You can give them 1-2 oz based on their age! Read through the graphic to see what all Ningxia contains! It’s truly powerful! My entire family drinks at least 1-2 oz daily.
A few fun facts:
+Fantastic taste with no “junk-juice” (e.g., apple, white grape, pear, etc.) or added sugar.
+Contains a great whole food source of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.
+Contains therapeutic grade essential oils of yuzu, lemon, tangerine and orange.
+Contains natural antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals.
+Natural form of energy without sugar, caffeine or other artificial stimulants.



Let’s talk about what to use DAILY! We have certain blends that us mamas have grown to love! First up is the Butterfly Blend! If your kiddo has a hard time gearing up for the change and newness of their school year and getting back into the swing of things, then this blend is a great one for that emotional support!
+Roll onto chest, feet and wrists when experiencing nervous feelings
+Pack in their backpack and teach them how to apply when feeling nervous.
+Diffuse this blend at night and after school
Back to School Butterflies Blend Cost:
– Lavender — $23.50
– Patchouli — $33.75
– Valor/Valor II — $24.75/$22.75
– Vetiver — $20.75
– Stress Away — $29.75
Total Cost with Valor: $132.50
Total Cost with Valor II: $130.50
Cost per roller with Valor: $8.87
Cost per roller with Valor II: $8.65
+ Lavender – This oil is going to become your swiss army knife as you prepare for your child to go back to school! Known for it’s calming properties, it is safe for littles and perfect to diffuse or apply topically to promote peace during tense situations.
+ Patchouli – this oil has a calming, relaxing scent when used aromatically. Use this one to create peaceful feelings in your little ones!
+ Valor – This blend may help with feelings of empowerment and self-esteem. Perfect for nervous little ones (and you for as you send your child to school!), this blend is sure to become a favorite.
+ Valor II – This blend, a replacement for Valor, contains unique properties which and inspiring and calming when diffused, and empowering when applying topically.
+ Stress Away – This blend helps to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for both child and mama during this season of life, Stress Away may help with feelings of nervousness and can be beneficial in working through stressful times.
+ Vetiver – this oil has a distinct earthy and grounding scent to it. Use this oil to help your child focus and stay calm during tense times!


This blend is great for the kiddos who have a hard time focusing in class. It’s also one to grab when any of the kids are working on homework and needing to calm down and get things done! We use a lot of brain support oils and this has become a favorite!
+Roll onto the back of the neck while working.
+Diffuse while studying.
+Pack in their backpack and teach them how to roll it on before test taking.
Focus On Your Homework Blend Cost:
– Brain Power — $64.75
– Vetiver — $20.75
– Orange — $10.75
– GeneYus — $43.75
Total Cost: $140.00
Cost per roller: $14.68
+ Brain Power – this blend contains oils such as Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and Frankincense, which are very high in sesquiterpenes. Higher levels of sesquiterpenes enable our DNA cells to receive more oxygen, which promotes clarity and focus. This means that your child will be receiving internal support in his or her brain as they are completing their homework or while focusing in school!
+ Vetiver – this oil has a distinct earthy and grounding scent to it. Use this oil to help your child focus and stay calm during tense times!
+ Orange – the perfect oil for both uplifting and calming, it has a delightful scent that is perfect to inspire peaceful feelings in both you and your child!
+GeneYus – this blend is perfectly diluted and ready to go for your child! Similar in sesquiterpenes levels to Brain Power, it is formulated to help your child focus and concentrate on their task at hand! Put a roller attachment on this one and roll onto your child before the school day begins, or even put it in their backpack so that they can use it throughout the day! If your child has a nut allergy, you should not use this blend.


We all want to be proactive with our kiddos so that we can stay ahead of the winter germs! This blend is great to have in our tool kit and use AHEAD of time!
+Roll onto bottom of the feet daily
+Diffuse after school
+Diffuse during the winter when germs hit
Germ Blend Cost:
– Thieves — $33.75
– Lemon — $11.25
– Tea Tree — $26.00
Total Cost: $71.00
Cost per roller: $4.25
+Thieves — Mom’s best friend. Thieves is a blend of essential oils specifically designed to support the body’s immune system health.
+Lemon — Lemon is used worldwide in cleaners and soaps for its refreshing scent and cleansing properties.
+Tea Tree — Tea tree has a strong herbaceous and woody scent. It’s great for cleansing and is often added to skin care products.


VAPORIZE BLEND – Last but not least!
When the winter bugs hit, this is a roller to have on hand to support a healthy immune system and respiratory system! I call this Huddy’s Vapo-Rize routine!
Roll onto the chest and feet as well as diffuse!
Eucalyptus Blue — $15.00
RC — $10.25
Raven — $34.75
Lemon — $11.25
Peppermint — $21.50
Total Cost: $92.75
Cost per roller: $5.12
+Eucalyptus Blue- Found in Ecuador and Australia and has a spicy, herbaceous smell. This Eucalyptus can be found in the Breathe Again Roller blend. The fresh aroma is calming to the mind.
+RC – R.C.™ Essential Oil is a powerful blend of Spruce, Cyprus, and three types of Eucalyptus oils (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora). Diffuse or apply it directly before, during, or after your workout. Its energetic aroma will help you stay motivated when you hit the weights, treadmill, or bike. RC Essential Oil specifically supports and soothes especially when placed on the bottom of feet or over chest*. Make a hot compress to provide more comfort in chest during the winter months.
+Raven – Raven™ is a cleansing blend of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, and other essential oils. Raven creates a cooling sensation when applied topically to the chest and throat.
+Lemon – Lemon is used worldwide in cleaners and soaps for its refreshing scent and cleansing properties.
+Peppermint – Fresh, nostalgic, and instantly recognizable, Peppermint essential oil’s scent invigorates the mind and senses, while inspiring a sense of peace. Used topically, Peppermint oil creates a cool, tingling sensation on the skin.


Thanks for reading! If you are not currently a Young Living member and you are interested in some of these products, I would recommend signing up as a member so that you get the 24% off wholesale price for all of these oils! You can sign up as a member by purchasing our premium starter kit that comes with the 11 main essential oils and diffuser to start your journey. You will not be walking this journey alone. I will be here with you every step of the way! If you want to sign up today you can head over here: Purchase Oils


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