April Newsletter!

Happy April and Happy Easter!!

We are so excited for this month and have so many awesome things to share with you all today! We have amazing promos and giveaways exclusively for our team! Please respond back to this text, email, or Facebook post with what you are most excited about in this newsletter to be entered to win a $50 credit from me! Let’s get started with the awesome Young Living Promos!!


🌿🌸 Spring has sprung and Young Living is all about “April showering” us with wellness.

They are:
– giving you springtime support
– loving on your gut health
– continuing to get toxins out of your house with your spring cleaning!

With the changing seasons, here’s whatcha need, delivered on a silver platter (metaphorically) and sent straight to your doorstep (literally) with a qualifying order this month! FO FREE.


With a 300 PV order, you’ll get these for free:

Allerzyme: (don’t miss the extra info at the bottom of this post, all about Allerzyme!). I am super excited about any YL supplement in the monthly promos. They’re game changers! And so many of us (guilty as charged) don’t try many supplements until we get them for FREE and realize we need them in our wellness cabinets. This enzyme promotes digestion and is especially good for anyone who struggles with digesting carbs!

Wool Dryer Balls (and the cute bag!): Keep ditching toxins in your home (DRYER SHEETS, get behind me) and switching to these wool dryer balls. Too easy! Add 3-5 drops of your choice of oil to each dryer ball and freshen up that laundry. Purification is one of our fave oils to use on our balls to eliminate odors (probs didn’t think you’d ever hear me say that sentence huh? 😂). Also great: Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, really any smell you love. Know more, do better, friends- check out this article on 7 reasons to ditch your dryer sheets: https://bit.ly/2t3mjeT

Tea Tree: A staple for every home. Can’t get enough! There are all kinds of great cleaning DIYs you can do with this oil, so get your cute booty over to Pinterest. Also: sweet breathing never felt so good with a tiny bit of Tea Tree in salt water nasal flushes. 👃 It’s also great oil for all things skin – from blemish prone skin to a healthy scalp. Aromatically it cleanses the air and is supes refreshing. Try this diffuser trio out : 4 drops Tea Tree, 4 drops Rosemary and 5 drops Lemon essential oils for a yummy smelling and purifying experience.

When that 300 PV order is on Essential Rewards, you’ll get:

ER exclusive – Fennel: (15 ml) Fennel is wonderful support for a woman’s milk supply! But don’t worry, even if you’re not a nursing mama you’re going to be excited to have this oil on hand. It’s great for digestion and acts as a digestive aid and even increases the metabolism! Double win! And great for anyone who is working towards some weight management goals. During Medieval times, Fennel was used to ward off evil spirits, so why not add a few drops in your diffuser for good measure! 😉 My 18mo little girl scanned for Fennel last month, and I kid you not after 2 days of use diluted on her feet, she was breathing clearer than ever. So there’s that.

ER exclusive – Basil 🌿 Vitality : use this oil to support the respiratory and immune systems with seasonal changes. Cuz breathing and being healthy are SO FUN! It’s great for the muscles and actually does wonders for head tension too! It’s one of the oils used in Raindrop and we always keep a good stock of Raindrop oils at our house. And for any cooks, add some freshness to your soups, salads or pastas with Basil. It’s pretty strong so I suggest using a toothpick-tip size amount and add the flavor as you go.

When you place an order of 250 PV this month, you’ll get:
– Wool dryer balls
– 15ml Tea Tree

And when it’s on your ER order:
– 15ml Fennel
– 5ml Basil Vitality

With a 190 PV order this month, you’ll get:
– 15ml Tea Tree

When it’s your ER order, you’ll also get:
– 15ml Fennel
– 5ml Basil Vitality

With a 100 PV order on Essential Rewards, you’ll get a 5ml Basil Vitality!

✨ Remember that you can get the promos TWICE each month. Once via Essential Rewards, and once via Quick Order. I get them twice every single month. If you are invested in your family’s wellness and/or building a business with YL, make it your goal to do the same!

Want to learn more about Allerzyme ?

👇👇👇👇Read on!

There are several natural ingredients as well as eight essential oils in Allerzyme Digestive Enzymes Supplement.
The natural ingredients include:
*Protease 3, 4.5 and 6 – enzymes that help to digest protein.
*Amylase enzymes which digests starch, carbohydrates and sugars.
*Cellulase enzyme – This enzyme helps to digest plant material.
*Invertase – Enzyme which assists in the break down of sugars. Converts sucrose to glucose and fructose.
*Lipase – Enzyme which helps to digest fat.
*Pepitidase – Helps to break down proteins into amino acids. Form of protease.
*Phytase – Catalyzes Phytic acid which is found in foods containing phosphorous including grains and oil seeds.
*Bromelain – A plant derived enzyme coming from pineapple stems that helps to digest carbohydrates.
*Lactase – Assists in the break down dairy products (milk sugars).
*Alpha galactosidase – assists in the break down beans, legumes, seeds, soy products, roots and underground stems.
*Malt Diastase – Along with amylase it has the ability to break down sugars and carbohydrates into simpler sugars especially grains.
*Plantain (sulfite free) – Supports a healthy digestive system.
*Barley sprout powder – Super nutritious powder that is full of natural plant enzymes.
*Vegetable cellulose
*Deionized water

Allerzyme Digestive Enzymes Supplement are infused of course with our essential oils. Check out the powerhouse of oils this supplements contains. All oils that are great for digestion, detoxification and even skin support!



Happy April!
We are SO excited to giving away this brand new amazing vacuum! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love how my house feels after its been vacuumed! I love to put baking soda mixed with lemon oil on the carpet 30 minutes before I vacuum. It smells so good.
This month’s giveaway is for our Essential Rewards members! To enter you need to be enrolled in Essential Rewards and place your order sometime during the month of April!
1 entry – 100pv
5 entries – 300pv
Our Essential Rewards program is AMAZING! You get a customizable wellness box sent to your door every month! You get free products, cheaper shipping, rewards points, loyalty gifts, and more. You can start or stop the program at anytime making this a stress free program!
Here is a video on Essential Rewards: http://bit.ly/2ccpeYh
I recommend trying our non toxic cleaning supplies, laundry soap, supplements, Ningxia Red (hello ENERGY), kids products, shampoo, make up, and more! You will be SHOCKED at how much these products make a difference for you and your family.
You can sign up on Young Living’s website or call 1-800-371-3515!
Who wants to win a FREE SHOPPING SPREE??
Who wants to win a FREE $250 SHOPPING SPREE???
We are giving away a $250 prepaid visa gift card to one very lucky winner! All you need to do to be entered is help one person get started with Young Living this month!
Did you know that we have over 5900 members on our team?? That is 5900 people who are bettering their lives through Young Living. I am so blessed to have each of you on our team! Can you imagine if each of us shared with ONE new person this month? We would have close to 12,000 members experiencing these life changing products!
Make it a goal to share with friends and family about these awesome products this month and have them sign up using your member number! When you do this you will get a thank you check from Young Living of $50! Its the best deal ever! You can learn more about sharing over at Oily Boss Squad or Business Collective! It’s totally ok if you aren’t interested in the business side full time. You can share with one or two people a month and still get your oils paid for.
Signing up a friend is easy! Simply refer them over to Young Living’s Website and have them sign up the same way you did, but with your member # as the sponsor and enroller. Feel free to reach out to any of us upline leaders if you need any support in signing up a friend!
We are giving away free shipping to one person everyday for 30 days! All you need to enter is be apart of our team facebook group: The Oily Squad and comment on that day’s post! Its going to be super fun and educational. We will be posting at 8am MST each morning and we look forward to seeing you there!
Best of luck in winning!!


* HELP 5 *

I absolutely love love love that Young Living is doing this challenge / incentive! and hellloooooo cute water bottle!!!!!

What is Help 5?

YL looked at the most successful people in the company, and while they might all have different stories, techniques, and perspectives… there was a common thread.

+They are all enrolling new members and getting people on Essential Rewards. At least 5 per month! 🖐

So now it’s a challenge.
– Help 5 people to enroll with a PSK and/or start Essential Rewards and earn a point for each one!

Can you imagine if you, each of your legs, each of their legs, and on & on were ‘helping 5′ each month?

What would it look like if we all did it AND duplicated it among our teams? Pretty stinkin’ awesome, that’s the answer.

The deets:

– You enroll a new member with a Premium Starter Kit : earn 1 point

– A member you’ve personally enrolled places their first ever Essential Rewards order : earn 1 point

– Earn 5 points and you’ve got yourself an exclusive gift!
(Yep. On top of your $50 commissions per enrollment, on top of a growing team, on top of the satisfaction of helping people change their lives!)

And the gift this month is….
A BEAUTIFUL 20 oz YL-branded, glass water bottle! It’s high-borosilicate, which means it can stand a lot of “thermal shock” and keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold!

It’s a food-grade, silicon-sleeved bottle and it’s perfect for Vitality-infused beverages, hot or cold. It’s 100 percent free of BPA, phthalates, and cadmium and is sturdy enough to take on the go.

Who is going to Help 5 this month??

It all starts with a decision and a belief in yourself that you can do this.


Need more resources for sharing?? Join Oily Boss Squad for all the sharing tips!

These are free online classes! Feel free to come or share these links with interested friends!
April 5 – Oils of the Bible: https://www.facebook.com/events/155176178495449/
April 8 – Caring for a Woman’s Heart: https://www.facebook.com/events/240706119829351/ 
April 17 – My Healthy Day (Part 2): https://www.facebook.com/events/157293641610931/
That is all for now!! Please feel free to email me at ANYTIME! I am always happy to help.
Christie Rose

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